Sanderson, Texas
Terrell County
Cactus Capital of Texas
last modified: ', new Date(document.lastModified).toDateString(), 'rong>Terrell County Offices
County Attorney - Marsha Monroe
Highway 90 Midtown (214 Oak Street)
Sanderson, TX 79848
(432) 345-2863
County Clerk - Martha Allen
District and County Clerk
P.O. Drawer 410
105 E. Hackberry
Sanderson, TX 79848
Phone: 432-345-2391
Fax: 432-345-2740
Terrell County is in the 63rd and 83nd Judicial Districts of Texas
Presiding Judge of the 63rd Judicial District is
The Hon. Enrique Fernandez
Presiding Judge of the 83rd Judicial District is
The Hon. Carl Pendergrass

County Treasurer- Ana Barron
Terrell County Courthouse
105 East Hackberry
Sanderson, TX 79848
County Tax Assessor - W. "Clint" McDonald
(For Information please contact Blain Chriesman at 432-345-2251)
Terrell County Courthouse
105 East Hackberry
Sanderson, TX 79848

Terrell County Road and Bridge Department
Mike Sanchez
Legion Road
Sanderson, TX 79848
(432) 345-2998

Terrell County Volunteer Fire Department
Highway 90 Midtown
105 East Oak
Sanderson, TX 79848
Information:(432) 940-5402

Terrell County EMS
Michelle Marquez ~ Interim Director
187 Hwy 90 West
Sanderson, TX 79848
Dial: 911
Duties & Responsibilities of County Officers from the Texas Association of Counties