Welcome to Terrell County ~ Hunter's Paradise and Cactus Capitol of Texas!
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Sanderson, Texas ~ Terrell County
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2006 Hunting Season
Preston Adkins bagged this 10-point beauty with bow and arrow during the 2006 archery season.
Please send us your pictures of the 2006 hunting season along with a description of when, what , where, and who, and we will publish them on this site.  Send them to P.O. Box 650, Sanderson, TX, 79848 or Email - info.  Thanks! 
By submitting pictures to this web site you are giving us permission to publish them.
Patrick Adkins took this 9-point buck on opening weekend of the 2006 general season.
Ramsey Morantes took this buck during the 2006 general season.
Another view of Ramsey Morantes' buck, taken during the 2006 general season.