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Leo Smith

Terrell County Courthouse
105 East Hackberry
Sanderson, TX 79848.

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    Terrell County Judge Leo Smith, Jr., was born in Abilene, TX. He grew up there, and moved to Sanderson from Odessa in 1996, elected into office in 2003, and won his second term in 2006.
     As a County Judge in a county with no incorporated towns, his responsibilities are many. He is considered to be the County Judge, City Mayor and Chief Executive Office of the county. In this position he wants to see economic growth and develop-ment, and will do whatever is within his power to help generate growth and prosperity.
     Judge Smith wants to see the town prosper with new businesses and people. He hopes to develop a tourist attraction and promote a better and more diversified way of life for the citizens.
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Duties & Responsibilities of the County Judge from the Texas Association of Counties.
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