Sanderson, Texas ~ Terrell County
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Grandmother's House  

Home-made Jams and Jellies
Great gifts available all year!
Made locally in Terrell County are the following delicious jams and jellies:
          *Cactus Jelly is red and made from the fruit of the Prickly Pear cactus. It tastes similar to raspberry.
          *Mesquite Bean Jelly is light yellow coming from ripe mesquite tree beans; tastes like
honey with a little almond.
          * Autumn Delight is a special blend of pumpkin jam with spices that give flavor to apricot or peach
          * Wine Jelly is made from a rose "Texas Blush" from Ste. Genevieve Winery in Ft. Stockton.
          * Pepper Jelly is light in color with green and/or red bits. This is the "no heat" version.
          * 100% Jalapeno Jelly is made of whole jalapeno. It is light in color with green bits. This is a HOT Jelly.
These specialty jellies can be bought individually at $3 for a 4 oz jar each, post paid
(minimum order of 6), or in a Gift Pack (3 x 2 oz jars).
The Gift Pack contains 1 Cactus Jelly, 1 Mesquite Bean jelly and your choice of either "no heat" or 100% Jalapeno Jelly. Minimum order of 4 gift packs at $7.00, post-paid each.
     For more information, contact Lacey James,
PO Box 151, Dryden, Texas, 78851 or phone (432) 753-2343.
     Grandmother's House is licensed by the Texas State Manufacturers and Health Department since May 1990.