Trophy Whitetail Hunt
This hunt is for a trophy Whitetail Buck on the Stevens Forest Ranch in
the 23,000 acre high-fence pasture. The hunt will take place on a
weekend of your choice the last half of January or February 2009. Used all
of your tags? Don't worry, we are a MLD III Texas Parks and Wildlife
Managed Ranch. We will provide the tags, you provide the license, gun
and ammo. We will provide lodging, guide, great home cookin', and some
of the best whitetail hunting in Texas. Your hunt will begin on your arrival
Friday evening and your departure will be on Sunday evening. Got your
trophy early? You may hunt javalina or take a whitetail doe for meat. We
encourage all hunters to take predators when the opportunity presents


Two-Hour Helicopter Ride
Tour the canyons and Rio Grande river for 2 hours in a Robinson R44II
fuel injected high-performance helicopter. You will be picked up at the
Terrell County Airport for a 2 hour ride over some of the most beautiful
canyons in the southwest. See the c/d Train Robbers Canyon, sight of  the
last train robbery in Texas, Indian Creek, Lozier Canyon, Rio Grande
River, Palma Canyon, Sanderson Canyon, see the last frontier from a
helicopter.  *Offer is for a passenger under 300 pounds total weight. Flight
date to be at agreement of pilot and passenger. Minimum age is 16 years
with parental consent.

Tickets are $10.00 per ticket or $100.00 for 12 tickets.

Contact any Cactus Health Services employee or board member for tickets.
Sanderson Phone 432-345-2508 or 432-345-2160
Fort Stockton Phone 432-336-8110 or 432-336-8181

Drawing to be held in December - date to be announced
Cactus Capital of Texas
Terrell County
Raffle to Benefit Cactus Health Services
Your Choice
Trophy Whitetail Hunt or 2 Hour Helicopter Ride
Welcome to the official web site for Sanderson, Terrell County,
Texas.  This is the Officially Sponsored web site for the county,
where we hope you find the information you are looking for as
you explore the diverse geology, geography and history of this
Terrell County Fair
January 30th & January 31st, 2009

Burn Ban in effect until further notice.

State of Texas          §
County of Terrell     §


WHEREAS, the Commissioners Court finds that circumstances present in all of Terrell County
create a public safety hazard that would be exacerbated by outdoor burning;

IT IS HEREBY ORDERED by the Commissioners Court of Terrell County that burning is
restricted in Terrell County for 90 days from the date of adoption of this Order, unless the
restrictions are terminated earlier based on a determination made by this Court.  An allowance
is made for outdoor BBQing provided fires are contained; trash barrel burning with an
approved wire screen over the top of the barrel as well as an allowance for all types of
welding.  This Order is adopted pursuant to Local Government Code §352..081, and other
applicable statutes.  This Order does not prohibit outdoor burning activities related to public
health and safety that are authorized by the Texas commission on Environmental Quality for:
(1) firefighter training; (2) public utility, natural gas pipeline or mining operations; (3) planting
or harvesting of agricultural crops; or (4) burns that are conducted by a prescribed burn
manager certified under Section 153.048, Natural Resources Code, and meet the standards of
Section 153.047, Natural Resources Code.

In accordance with Local Government Code § 352.081(h), a violation of this Order is a Class C
misdemeanor, punishable by a fine not to exceed $500.00.

8th day of December, 2008 by a vote of 3 ayes and 0 nays.

Leo Smith
Terrell County Judge


Martha Allen
Terrell County Clerk